Types of lodging Web the characteristics of a personal page are not the same that those of a great company. This Ultimo case handles Volume

Types of lodging Web the characteristics of a personal page are not the same that those of a great company. In this last case, the volume of information and the amount of accesses to the servant will be very many major and, therefore, the servant who handles this information must have more resources.

In a website with thousands of visits to the day, the availability of the service during some hours does not suppose diverse losses that do not have to be permissible, thus hosting to contract will have to offer more quality. By this same one different types from lodging Web exist:

The different ones   types of hosting adapt according to the necessity are some who want to have everything a system   of great scale in hosting basic or free


1. Gratuitous lodging: normally it has little functionality and stability. some do not give to mail the stability you and backup of the sites is low.  it is generally a form to attract new clients soon to receive to them by the payment version

2. Shared lodging: most frequent. In this case your website works in a servant who lodges many other websites. here the resources of memory servant processor and disc are shared, work if the company well that is sold them   it monitors followed and it has endorsement of all the servant, to the shared being the disadvantage is that somebody could send a Spam and be affected the IP of the servant and affecting to the rest, as well as overloads controlled by some client does not affect to the other, is a good solution by his low cost

3. Dedicated servant: Here you have the total control simultaneously you must order you to monitor, in this type you can see who control Spam that uses illegal the mail, that processes consume but resources etc, the disadvantage this in which you need to spend time to him to the servant, to generate backups, security   etc, the resources are not shared with other clients the IPS    they are assigned to your servant exclusively

4. Lodging remarketer (to reseller) This service of lodging is designed for great users or people who sell the service of lodging to other people. These packages count with great amount of space and domains available for each account.

5. Lodging of images This type of lodging is offered to keep images in Internet, the majority of these services is gratuitous and the pages are worth of the publicity placed in their page when raising the image. Web counts on Hosting of quality for SMEs and Companies that will guarantee the suitable support to them.

6. Hosting Cloud:  this type of Hosting at the moment is the stars because they assign to memory processor and disc to you of exclusive use, but the Ips if they are shared, the good thing of this service is that he has major availability   for the end user  

7. Server Cloud:  services as amazon Google has here these services not you worry much about the availability and security of the equipment, is relatively economic if you know how them to handle, you must know how to manage servant linux.

All these types of hosting we dominated them in Web hosting Peru    you can call to us we will advise to you to choose   better hosting or service so you need, systems in java, websites of high traffic   etc.