Servant of Webpages in Peru
Servant of Webpages in Peru

If or you have a Web and you do not know as to publish it in Internet and you do not know that type of servant to choose if your Web is in HTML php or asp etc

Servers for webpages 

Everything depends on   as this fact your Web, the basic Web this in HTML, if this only in HTML   almost all you servers     they accept    Webs in HTML

If your Web this fact in HTML, Php and mysql   (Wordpress this fact in PHP and MYSQL) in this case you would need hosting based on Linux, 80% of hosting are for php and mysql   , servers based on APACHE, just like you handle locally   for your tests that generally use apache   hosting   he works equal is a servant in a cloud that does just like you locally have with tools and a Control Panel as cpanel that facilitates the basic creation to you of data, post office,   accounts FTP etc.


If your Web this done in ASP then you need hosting based on linux with data base SQL, also it has a Control Panel where to manage his servant in the cloud.

we will see   the pages in PHP and Mysql if your Web is basic do not have many transactions appellants, if your Web has much traffic appellant is necessary to have at least a VPS or dedicating to handle transactions otherwise of 30 requests to the data base    in simultaneous

In order to raise   your site   Web you can use Filezilla, a tool to connect itself by FTP to your hosting, you locate the folder public_html   there it must be your first index.html file or index.php that sera the first element that must read   when you open from your domain.

if you have doubts that servant to use you can contact to us