websitesmanual.com, is a line of businesses of Blue Group Average, formed by a specialized equipment in the development of applications for the company, taking as platform bases the Internet.

We are WebsitesManual, is a division of Hostper.com company dedicated to the development of systems Web under standards, this division is oriented to offer to services of Hosting Web, lodging Web, handling of servers and technical support for clients who lodge their website in our powerful servers. Also, we are it jeopardize with the quality and the responsibility than we offer to him, is by which also we granted the services and solutions to them of Internet; design, development of webpages, marketing Web and systems of Internet. It is possible to indicate, that WebsitesManual was created not with the aim of being a solution, but of being the REAL solution, arriving at another level from reach, knowing the importance the service hosting, and developing the professional service area of Hosting to offer a better service of high quality, rapidity and stability to the companies.