How much cost does a webpage?
How much cost does a webpage?

Each Web is different, this does impossible in particular to give a fixed price for any site. all the developers Web handle their prices

Looking for to create a Web - Whichever hill a webpage?

  Each Web is different, this does impossible in particular to give a fixed price for any site. Being this case, all the developers Web use different methods to determine the cost for the design Web. We are going to describe some of the most common methods for the fixation of prices of the one of a Web. 

Before initiating you must know that now it exists   wordpress (Software Free to construct Webs easily) to make your same webpage one or with basic aid, if it buys hosting with us we helped him of basic way in having a fast Web in wordpress without the necessity to pay to nobody and to do it same you, this saves a 90% of the price, if what looks for is something economic and fast this is the best option calls to us and we will help to make specific its idea using this platform to obtain a Web practices of fast way.

There are four types common of the prices of used design Web in the industry nowadays.

Payment per hour

Price of the project

Prices by package

Cost by Page

Design Web Payment per hours

A very common form for the designers Web to position is by the hour. Following the experience, the location, and many other factors, the tariff per hour can be from $ 5,00 to $ 15,00 (contracted in countries in growth as Latin America) to $ 200,00 - $500,00 per hour (for a consultant of high level)! This is an enormous difference.

The important thing is to make sure that the developer Web is worth reason why receives. It always consults with the designers as they are his clients and you will realize if it is worth to pay for that reason. otherwise this to say according to the level of knowledge of new   technologies, for example some only know HTML but the last designs already use Boostrap, material design etc that all do not dominate  

The price by project

Many companies of design Web will give a fixed price him to develop their project. Make sure that it has a list of requirements basic and completes before beginning the project (amount of pages operation of its administrator of contents, cars of purchase, languages, publication of photos, videos, etc). A company a good design detailed each section with a list of characteristics, specifications and budgets for each section of its website. Make sure to obtain in writing so that both that know clearly expectations.

assure to you to make all the possible detail of how sera   your project.

The tariffs of the package

Many designers Web have packages that are generally cheaper than a website of complete customized design. The disadvantage of the packages probably, is going to try to adapt to its business in a pre-armed website that can not have all the sections or functionalities that a done professional Web with a previous study. The majority of the designers will have a rate of exact package, who soon allow him to ask for the personalisation to an additional cost. this type of designs in Peru abounds since they become very economic and some prefer the price that the quality

Whichever hill a webpage

Some designers of webpages acquire a fixed tariff by page, this can be as low as $ 50 by page (remembers that he paginates in this case is each seen), although the majority of the designers in Latin America. he is going to receive $ 50 - $ 200 by page (there are prices but low but he reviews that he already does not use groups bought and returned to use, his design must be to be unique, that as much has the right of design copyright as images). This price is generally for static sites basic news, that does not require a great amount of customized characteristics. The price by page can go downwards (with a discount wholesale) based on the number of pages that needs. In my experience, generally are the designers with less experience (and than they acquire lower prices) are those that usually receive by the prices of the page. In addition, this model of prices seems to be more popular in the rural areas.

When comparing the supplies and proposals

If you are planning a design project Web, she can publish his project and obtain up to eight supplies of the developers, can quote in different places, as much independent developer, agencies of design, etc, to make his analysis there to see what of them really offers to him   the best service than lets grow to its business
Here some prices of design Web

corporative Web

a corporative Web goes beyond basic in line graphical one that you want to communicate. The most complex sites count on a greater level of interactivity and integration of data bases. It is possible that it needs an Intranet deprived for the communication the employees and to share documents, or one extranet to share information and pursuit of suppliers and/or clients. corporative Webs usually begin around $ 3,000 as minimum until more than $ 100,000 following the complexity.

Corporative Web Design Prices:

Latin America: $ 1000 ~ $ 15.000

Company Latin America design:  $1500 ~ $ 25.000

Designer of EE.UU.: $ 3000 ~ $ 20.000

EE.UU design company Web: $ 5000 ~ $ 50.000

Web with interactive data base

An interactive Web complex count with a great amount of programming commonly in PHP. The most complex Webs count on a greater level of interactivity and integration of data bases. Content and spawned pages. The amount of pages is not as excellent as the amount of programming at issue. The most important aspect of an interactive site is that it is easy to sail (Usability), fast and burglaryable. These websites usually begin around $ 5,000 and can go up to 250,000 dollars following the complexity.

In Peru you can upwards find this professional developments from $ 1000.

this type of Web can be done in a variety of different languages, some of the most popular languages of the side of the servant are PHP and ASP. Interfaces Web are written normally with CSS and HTML. If you do not know what these languages are, it does not worry, it lets to his designer or programmer make a recommendation.

Informative Basic Web and

a website that serves in line as a pamphlet that offers general information on its company of products and services. A simple site, does not have complex programming electronic commerce, data base, or pile of interactivity. Basically, it serves as an announcement in line that offer graphical design and styles in css and HTML and some to banner flash.

This type of site is a great beginning for a company and it is possible to be extended in the future as its company grows. In the times that run, he is essential a company to have a webpage online, as well as a website of basic information. These websites can be initiated from $600 to more.

Web of electronic commerce

Websites of   Electronic commerce can vary from very simple to very complex. There are some things to consider when preparing the budget of a Web of electronic commerce. These websites usually begin around $ 2,000 and can go as high as 250,000 dollars following the complexity. There are several packages pre made or platforms, as shopping carts ZendCar available.

Basic guide stops near 10 working hours:

Students: $ 100 - $ 200 ($ 10 - $ 20/hora)

Freelance: $ 200 - $ 1000 ($ 20 - $ 100 per hour)

Expert consultant: $ 500 - $ 2000 ($ 50 - $ 200/hour)

Company: $ 700 - $ 2500 ($ 70 - $ 250/hora)

Budget recommended for professional projects of senior level:

Design Logo: $ 150 - $ 750

Simple website: $ 500 - $ 2.500

Complex website: $ 1,000 - $ 25.000

Social network as Facebook: $ 5,000 - $ 30.000

Customized applications: $ 10,000 - $ 100.000

We Suggested to work of the way but professional its website, since well sera the letter of presentation before thousands of potential clients who visited it, is for that reason that its website must be fact, to load as rapidly as possible, easy navigation, in the companies with a professional and serious equipment will have better results since they have specialist in Design Web, structuring of contents, model-making Web, Programmers Web, specialists in marketing Web.

soon the greater amount of purchases in services and products sera   by means of one website, the result depends on which its Web this good done, that has the best campaign of marketing   , you would assure a good market for your product or service.

Whichever hill a webpage?  we hope to have contributed to have a clear idea but of the designs Web