Economic enterprise post office in Peru
Economic enterprise post office in Peru

Now you can acquire enterprise post office in Peru for your business with own domain, Control Panel for management of accounts

E-mails for Companies in Peru

If these looking for e-mails for your business with own domain, first you need to buy a .com domain   , also another variant of domain could be .pe or, itself you often wish mail you do not need to buy   hosting unless also you need to have a basic Web in this case if you needed   to buy hosting.

Hosting comes with basic post office that are based on webmail    the interface is basic   these are the economic post office but since from your cpanel you can    to generally create mail accounts according to your plan   thus they are small plans    you can create but of 50 accounts of mail, if what matters to you is the saving you can obtar by this modality, if you form with outlook of your PC you do not need much space because the majority of your post office will be in your PC and these have great volume

If you wish few accounts of mail we have post office   enterprise of 5GB of space each to 7 dollars per year by each account of mail.

In the market there is a serious one of plans to choose, concerns much the consultant's office and the support that can offer you