as having a mail with own domain
as having a mail with own domain

To have a mail with the name of domain of your company gives major him is present at to your company all that receive your mail will see it thus

To create e-mails with own domain 

If these to buy a mail     with usual own domain that   they make the companies of hosting is to sell the post office to you that come in each plan from hosting   generally these services have   availability to 99%, this means that there is 1% of small faults, that can be your domain in Spam the IP in Spam, fallen minims, post office that do not arrive etc. 

Corporative post office exist   specialized, mail OX availability to the 99,7% of availability and in the cases of Gsuite of google   it is of 99,999% of availability if you wish post office that do not fail and that are available always work better have functionalities that help to grow your business.

In summary if you wish something optimum is to have your own domain, hosting limitless and specialized post office are the trilogy that works better hill a little but it is worth the pain to have post office that you of problems and you do not be not worried to be with support    permanent or to have personnel who this being solved problems.

If you need consultant's office how   to use better the post office with own domain you can call us to provide a better solution to your necessity